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In recent years artificial grass has become a trendy product and you probably now know someone in your circle of friends who has a fake lawn in their garden. More and more people are ditching their lawn mowers as our products are well suited to today’s modern busy lifestyle and with weekend time a premium for the majority of families, the last thing you want is wasting valuable time mowing your lawn. With artificial grass you can maximise your garden and family time – winner!


A bold and brilliant turf with a V shape blade

The V shape blade of Valour Plus 30mm gives it strength to stand up to all activities

£16.10 per m2


Quest 30mm offers warm olive tones to create a natural looking and practical space all year round

£13.99 per m2


A resilient, durable and realistic fake turf.

Fortune 35mm is a deep rich green and has a v shape yarn for resilience, durability and realism

£17.49 per m2


25mm Underlay is a high quality foam shockpad that is used beneath an artificial grass surface on childrens play areas (with a critical fall height of 1.4m) or it can be used as protective underlay for patios as it also offers insulation and drainage properties, whilst allowing you to gain access to the original surface if needed

£30.79 per tile (0.9m x 2.25m) 



Provides a barrier to prevent weed growth

Weed Membrane to lay below your artificial lawn to help prevent weeds coming through


£27.99  50 m2 per roll

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